Real Change for Real Pain

Evergreen Behavioral Health has contracted with Mastering Pain Institute in order to provide people with pain this unique approach to pain management. Chances are you or someone you know experiences debilitating chronic pain. Mastering Pain therapists do not believe there is a one-size-fits-all approach to pain management. Instead we encourage a science-based approach to test and identify the interventions that work best for you. That is why we utilize an integrated and comprehensive system to introduce you to all that psychology has to offer for your pain so you find YOUR best strategies. We know that pain is a biological process that affects brain function and can even affect brain structure over time. Latest research shows that specific applied neurobiological skills, coping skills, and life skills can alter this brain function, improve pain perception, and improve quality of life.



A virtual home for people with chronic pain. An e-learning environment to learn the biology of pain, the biological rationale for every skill, and the skills to help you change your pain experience. All lessons address the four parts of pain: Intensity, Agony, Impact, and Stigma. 


  • the biological mechanisms of pain

  • the biological mechanisms that can change pain

Learn how to

  • activate your own endogenous (natural) opioids
  • control your blood vessel dilation
  • retrain your motor nerves to release tight muscles
  • rewire the agony/suffering circuitry activated by pain
  • train your vagus nerve and turn off the stress response
  • activate your pleasure circuitry that opposes pain
  • enhance your restorative/anti-inflammatory systems
  • solidify your sense of self despite the pain
  • enhance your fluency in pain communication
  • support and be supported by others who have pain

  • GROUP THERAPY:   Mastering Pain Advanced Skills & Support Group-  Ongoing groups for those who have successfully completed the intro course or individual therapy and are working to develop mastery in their skills; broadening the depth of their knowledge and ability.

  • INDIVIDUAL THERAPY: Utilizing evidence-based psychotherapies for chronic pain and anxiety/mood disorders to best fit your needs as you manage your chronic pain.  

Mastering Pain™  Therapists are Certified by the Mastering Pain™ Institute AND Mastering Pain™  Therapists have written permission from the Mastering Pain™ Institute to use the term. If you are unsure about whether your therapist is certified, you may contact us at 360-450-0140 ext 3. 

Are you a mental health professional and interested in getting training?  

We are hosting a 2-day provider training November 20th-21st, 2015 from 9am-4pm. Click here for more details.


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