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A website designed for the self-management of chronic pain. The Mastering PainTM Method organizes the challenging and often chaotic experience of chronic pain into 4 domains and then provides education, skills, and ways to influence the uninvited beast we call pain.

Four parts of P.A.I.N.

Physical intensity - sensory experience of the pain or the volume of the pain signal getting your brain's attention

Agony - the emotional component of pain. Pain is both a sensory experience and is agonizing, bothersome, and is experienced as suffering.

Impact - This includes all the ways in which pain impacts our functioning (e.g., ability to get out of bed, activities of daily living, work, make plans and keep them, etc.) 

Negative Stigma - 100 million American adults have chronic pain, but we don't talk about it out of not wanting to be a burden, or be dismissed, or be disbelieved. There is a value of stoicism in our majority culture that it is considered somehow "weak" to talk about pain or limitations. This experience of external negative stigma and or our own internalized negative stigma has an affect on our nervous system and can increase the perception of pain.

A few skills you will learn on include how to:

  • activate your own endogenous (natural) opioids
  • control your blood vessel dilation
  • retrain your motor nerves to release tight muscles
  • rewire the agony/suffering circuitry activated by pain
  • train your vagus nerve and turn off the stress response
  • activate your pleasure circuitry that opposes pain
  • enhance your restorative/anti-inflammatory systems
  • solidify your sense of self despite the pain
  • enhance your fluency in pain communication
  • support and be supported by others who have pain

WORKBOOK:  Master Your Pain: A Comprehensive Science Based Method To Help You Live Well With Chronic Pain  By Jill Fancher, PhD 

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Mastering Pain™  Therapists are Certified by the Mastering Pain™ Institute AND Mastering Pain™  Therapists have written permission from the Mastering Pain™ Institute to use the term. If you are unsure about whether your therapist is certified, you may contact us at 360-450-0140 ext 3.

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